Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I disagree with the fact that that dodge ball is being banned in many schools. Dodge ball can help students improve in many areas like agility, reaction time and hand eye coordination. I don’t fully understand the bully argument either. Most forms of dodge ball once you get hit your out. That means a student will only be hit once a game and maybe five times in a class period. It’s not like a student can just sit there and peg other students with the balls.

Most kids love dodge ball and can’t wait to play it in class. It’s been a staple of the P.E. program for years. I understand if a student doesn’t want to play, there should definitely be other activities offered. As for injuries, I can’t see a significantly higher amount of injuries occurring in dodge ball then other contact sport. Students love dodge ball because it’s not something you play every day. When you get the chance to play it in P.E. class the kids get excited and are enthusiastic to play.

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